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Miami is a city that is constantly developing. So that means endless construction sites and a high demand for barricading roads from extensive traffic. Miami is also a vivacious city, which means it’s a popular host for many concerts and special events. Easy to install and remove, M & R Temporary Fence, are the ideal contractors for your temporary and special event fencing needs.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing

We all know the main concerns for temporary fencing are for security, privacy, and pedestrian safety. But what most companies or organizations don’t realize is that temporary fencing can be an asset to their business. Temporary fencing is an influential way to advertise their business or showcase what is under development.

It is crucial to keep in mind that, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Using temporary fencing allows your company to keep positive relations with neighbors by maintaining order and preventing materials or debris from landing on other properties that are not permitted for construction.

Secure your Site with Temporary Fencing

AWhether it’s a commercial or residential construction site, M & R are experts at temporary fencing. Most commercial properties are intentionally visible from major highways and roads, advertising the increased vulnerability during remodeling projects. At M & R, we specialize in placement of access points to install gates. We install access points where it is absolutely necessary and if possible, only where there is visibility to prevent unwanted visitors.

Our services go beyond installing fences, we also provide several fence-related security add-ons to your installation to ensure security. Such add-ons include a windscreen and barbed wire. Installations of a windscreen allow for additional privacy, while the add-on of barbed wire allows for increased protection.

Special Events Temporary Fencing

Given the great climate in Miami, events are planned all year long especially in parks, beaches, and general common areas of the city. Secure a perimeter for security, crowd control, or terrain marking purposes is very important when it comes to special events. Whether you need a small barricade for your celebration or a removable chain link fence installed across a large area, we can provide professional quality event fencing services for your convenience.

M & R has extensive experience in installing temporary fences for special events. All of our fence panels are fabricated in house to guarantee the highest quality and reliability. We guarantee fast and quality service to all of our clients, with our main focus being the needs of our clients. If you are in need of a temporary fence, no matter how large or small. Give M & R Temporary Fence a call today at (305) 548-5090 for your free estimate!

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