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Miami’s vibrance attracts many events year round. Special events require fencing and barricades as a vital tool. Crowd control and security is extremely essential when attendance is in the hundreds and thousands. Event fencing rentals allow event organizers to provide protected and safe environment. M & R Temporary provides a wide range of security and special event fencing that are easy to install and remove. Our professional fence contractors will take care of the whole event fencing process.

Why Does Your Special Event Need Fencing?

“The primary purpose of special event fencing is for the safety and security of attendees and those putting on the event. Whether you are hosting a concert, parade, festival or charity event, there are different types of event fencing depending on the type of event.

For crowd control or traffic control, the most commonly used is the barricade fence. Other special events fencing can be used to set perimeters around the event to prevent unauthorized access, separate a VIP area, or to ensure that does not enter an unrestricted area where one can get hurt by on-site materials such as equipment and tools.

M & R Fencing For Special Events

At M & R Temporary Fence, we specialize in offering quality special events fencing services. Miami is popular for hosting thousands of crowded events. Whether you need a small barricade or a removable chain link fence installed across a large area, M & R provides a wide range of security and special event fencing that are quick and easy to install and remove.

Customize your events fencing to ensure security and instill privacy to your event with M & R Temporary. Scale your fence to any height, add barbed wire for extra protection, and/or add a windscreen for more privacy.

Experienced in Special Events Fencing

M & R Temporary has helped numerous organizations install many temporary special events fencing. From high-end food festivals to popular music festivals, the team at M & R are experts in creating a secure perimeter for closed and enjoyable events. M & R has worked with the following:

  • Sobe Miami LLC.
  • Miccosukee Foundation
  • South Florida Parenting
  • Bob Marley Movement
  • Wodapalooza Miami
  • Ultra Music Festival
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