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If your property is in need of a perimeter fence, custom fencing is your way to go! M & R Temporary understand that when it comes to security and decor, it’s critical to have a custom perimeter fence installed to cater to your every need. We provide our clients with variety of fencing materials with unlimited options for you custom fencing needs.

Why Custom Fencing?

WCustom fencing is the perfect solution when you need exact and/or odd dimensions for a perimeter. There’s numerous reasons why you should choose a professional company to build your custom fence. But we’re only going to discuss the main benefits…

  • Work with a specialist to plan access points to install gates.
  • Choose your fencing material that fits your application the best.
  • Pick from a selection of colors
  • Scale your fence to any height.
  • Customize security add-ons.

Why M & R Hire for Custom Fencing?

M & R Temporary strives to provide their clients with quality service and craftsmanship in custom fencing. Whether you’re in need of residential, commercial, or special event fencing, M & R has you covered. All panels from M & R are manufactured in house, assuring to create the ultimate custom fencing solution for our clients.

These custom fences are great for any application requiring a fence with specialized dimensions. M & R offers a variety of materials such as Vinyl, Wood, Ornamental, and Chain Link fencing. Once you select your fencing material, customize your fence to be scaled to any height. And once you set your dimensions, choose from an array of color choices.

M & R Temporary makes custom fencing easy to install and remove, while handing the entire process after you set your objectives. M & R Fence provides the utmost quality when providing all of your fencing needs. If you need customize fencing, call us today at (305) 548-5090 and receive your free estimate.

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