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“The fence that makes good neighbors needs a gate to make good friends”
~ Author Unknown

2005 was the year we began making it possible to have good neighbors, as well as good friends. M&R Fence, a sister company of F & R Scaffolds, Inc. was started for the purpose of providing temporary fencing for the construction sites of customers doing business with F & R Scaffolds, Inc. With this innovation, we made it possible to provide our clients with temporary fencing. Our temporary panels are fabricated by us and with chain link, with the additional offering of a windscreen. We’ve established ourselves as industry leaders and our proud to specialize in providing temporary fences for events. Because of this, we are able to proclaim that we have maintained an elite reputation amongst promoters of special events for our serious approach and constant reliability.

Our service arsenal covers the industry markets of residential fencing, as well as commercial fencing. We offer a variety of types of fencing such as Chain link fencing, which can be galvanized metal chain link or vinyl-covered chain link, welded steel fences, aluminum fences, wood fences, vinyl fences, pool fences, and custom fencing combinations. These styles come with an array of add-ons that can be essential for your needs, such as gates that come custom fitted with or without motors.

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