M&R Temporary Fence specializes in building low maintenance lasting durawall fences with the size and height of your choice. A durawall fence is great for gate walls. The benefits of using durawall fencing are numerous. A durawall fence will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and is resistant to termites/white ants. A durawall is a great alternative to a stone wall. It has the beautiful look and feel of a real stone wall, with no worries about cracking from ground movement, grout cracking or stone erosion. More modern than traditional vinyl or wood, it is the perfect option for the modern home on the block. It is both stylish and practical.

Durawall Fencing: The Top For Quality And Longevity

When it comes to choosing the best retaining wall solution for your property durawall fence concrete systems are hard to beat!

Some key benefits of durawall fencing:

  • Durable – Made with enduring vinyl reinforced with steal
  • Wind resistance – Withstands High Winds
  • Sound Barrier – Blocks 97% of direct sound, regular fences block only 75%
  • Temperature – Stable in all weather conditions
  • Fire resistant – Resistant unlike any other material
  • Fade resistant – UV stabilized surface

Better Than A Real Stone Fence

Durawall fencing has the natural beauty and feel of a stone fence but without the inconvenience of maintenance and high cost. At M&R we build highly collaborative relationships with our customers, who recognize and respect the quality of the durawall fencing as well as our complete service offering. Call us today at 1-800-301-9288 for your free estimate!