For Florida’s harsh weather environment, consider making an investment in an aluminum fence! M&R Temporary Fence builds each aluminum fence to last and each is designed with security and safety at the heart of each project. Whether you need to enclose a residential, commercial, or industrial space, aluminum fencing will work beautifully. It’s strong, reliable, and requires very little maintenance. Our aluminum fences can be custom ordered from our personal shop, or we can perform your aluminum fence installation with any of the national brands that you select.

Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Especially when compared with wrought iron and steel, aluminum fencing is very affordable. Although it looks as gorgeous and regal as wrought iron, it is much more readily available and it’s cheaper to manufacture. Chemically, aluminum is not very vulnerable to corrosion, so unlike iron, an aluminum fencing will not rust. It also won’t rot or fade, so you don’t need to worry about moisture or sunlight damaging it over time. Aluminum fences are often used for important, utilitarian purposes (as opposed to aesthetics), so safety and reliability are crucial.

Our commercial aluminum fences are utilized in schools, churches, and around community accessed pools to provide extra security and a premium overall appearance. Similar to chain link fencing, aluminum fences allow for unblocked viewing across a property and can be finished with decorative or lighted toppers. If you are looking for a fence that compliments the exterior of your home and landscaping, aluminum fence comes in different styles and colors. Aluminum fences can be custom designed to match the surrounding architecture or landscape. Considering an aluminum fence for your property? Call M&R Temporary Fence today at 1-800-301-9288 for a free estimate!


Aesthetics – aluminum fences are undeniably beautiful—they add a refined look to any backyard, and they can be customized to perfectly suit your tastes and style. 

Durable – you can depend on your aluminum fencing for years to come because aluminum is strong, and it doesn’t rust.

Low-maintenance – unlike iron, which can rust and requires a lot of maintenance, your aluminum fencing shouldn’t require very much maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Secure – aluminum fences are much more difficult to scale than a traditional wood fence—especially because most aluminum fencing is over 5 feet high.